The FELICITY Fanny Pack

KILIM - Fancy Line 2019

The FELICITY Fanny Pack

KILIM - Fancy Line 2019

FelicityThe Felicity Fanny Pack


Ciao a tutti,

Well, it’s finally back… the trend we all hoped we’d leave in the 90’s for good, the fanny pack. The fanny pack trend reemerged in streetwear about a year ago. We then started seeing them in fashion shows and now they’re in about every department store one could think of. Rather than reject this trend, we at Filatura di Crosa decided to embrace it and put our own unique spin on the fanny pack.


This month’s free pattern is the Felicity Fanny Pack. A two-toned Jute bag that can be worn as a crossbody or a fanny pack. There is a new wave of young knitters emerging, making hyper trendy creations from bodysuits all the way to dresses and crop tops. In order to capture this audience, we wanted to put out a piece that is trendy yet still understandable to the rest of our audience, thus Felicity was born.


Felicity is a super simple pattern that uses stockinette stitches for the entirety of the bag. The body is knit all in one piece, using SSK and K2tog decreases to shape the flap of the bag. You pick up stitches to knit the straps, making a more seamless connection and you can customize the strap length based off your personal preferences. Additionally, we used two different colors on our Felicity to give it a little contrast, however this part is completely optional! It should take about 100g of yarn (or 1 skein) for the entire project!Felicity


What makes the Felicity Fanny Pack so special is the yarn in which we used to knit the piece. Kilim is Filatura’s Jute yarn that has these gorgeous multicolored colored wrappings. Jute yarn is a rarity because it tends to have a rough handfeel, however, it’s a strong natural fiber that hold it shape. It’s perfect for accessories knitting and crocheting so we’ve made anything in Kilim from handbags to home accessories, and now to fanny packs! Kilim is a yarn that has been very popular for macramé as well. It’s a bulky weight and comes on 100g skeins so it lends itself well to it. But most of all our macramérs love Kilim because its bright and colorful, as opposed to the typical white rope cord we’re all accustomed to.


If you’re interested in knitting your very own Felicity Fanny Pack, you can either purchase the pattern or sign up to the Filatura di Crosa Newsletter to receive the pattern for free during June 2019! If you’d like some more details on Kilim, you can find it in the Spring/Summer collection of the “Hand knitting yarns” tab on our website!


A presto,

Ms. F Crosa

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Felicity Fanny Pack