Zara undyed


Zara undyed

raw white ZaraCiao a tutti!

We are back with exciting news! Filatura di Crosa is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Zara in the collection this month! Zara continues to be an international best seller year after year, so, for its 30th birthday we wanted to do something special to celebrate.

For those of you who don’t know, Zara is a 100% superwash merino yarn in a DK weight. Zara is the ultimate performance yarn; it uses high quality 19.5-micron merino wool and is made with a “Z twist”. This means that the fibers are twisted in opposite directions reinforcing the yarn, so it doesn’t shrink or break when knitting, crocheting, or washing.

For years we have been producing this yarn in over 60 gorgeous colors, but for the first time ever we are launching Zara in its UNDYED raw white form! We want you guys to experience the joy of creating your own custom colors on your favorite superwash base. Beginning March 1st, 2020, while supplies last Filatura di Crosa will be selling 100g skeins of Zara in its raw, ready to dye state! Each bag of 5 will sell for $55.00 USD!

We are so incredibly excited about this launch. We had so much fun dying our own variations of Zara so we know you guys will too! There are so many ways you guys can use this yarn, the possibilities stretch as far as your creativity will take you. You can kettle dye, immersion dye, hand paint, make knit blanks, or dye as a finished piece to name a few, the list just goes on! Regardless of how you dye your skeins, we know you guys will make some truly gorgeous one of a kind creations and we can’t wait to see them.dyed Zara

During our hand dye testing, we used traditional acid dye pigments that can be used in powder form or diluted into a liquid solution. When combined with citric acid or white vinegar, these types of dyes provide excellent color fastness and saturation on superwash merino bases.  If you’re interested in seeing the dye process or getting a little inspiration, make sure you check out our YouTube Video here: https://youtu.be/kmeiCdjX144

If you would like to buy Zara an its raw undyed form, you can find a direct link to purchase here: http://filaturadicrosa.com/en/hand-knitting-yarns/Autumn-Winter/Raw-white-Zara

A presto,

Mrs. F Crosa

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