FDC 1939-2019

80th anniversary handbag

FDC 1939-2019

80th anniversary handbag

Ciao a tutti,

it only makes sense that the highest quality Italian made yarns have an equally impressive craft bag to match. For Filatura di Crosa’s 80th anniversary I’m introducing a limited-edition 100% percent genuine leather Italian made handbag.

This gorgeous color blocked bag was designed with the modern knitter, crocheter, and crafter in mind. I designed it to fulfill a variety of needs, so you never have to leave the house without FDC again. It can be used as a handbag, a travel bag, a project bag, and so much more!

The bag is crafted in two colors, black on one side and off-white on the other. When unhooked, the bag can be worn as a regular tote large enough to hold all your knitting needs. Color aside, the bag is identical on the front and back, to give our clients options when it comes to styling.

The trendy clips allow you to fold down the edges and secure it in place while providing a little pop of color. When worn this way, you can also secure it around the handle of a suitcase and it won’t fall off or slide around. If you hook the clips together on the inside, the bag takes on a new smaller and modern trapezoidal shape. The more you play around with it the more ways you’ll find to tailor it to your own personal style and the more versatile it becomes!

The bag features a magnetic closure and multifunctional pockets on the inside to secure your belongings. There are pockets with and without zippers, to provide a space for valuables and small items you’ll want to find in a flash. Additionally, I have also included a handy cell phone pocket and a credit card holder, so you’ll never spend time digging for them again!

Each of the total 300 bags were crafted with care and love in our beloved Biella. Because of this, I only thought it fitting to give each bag its very own Identification card with a unique serial number. The crafting of this bag was a passion project to give thanks to our loyal patrons over the past 80 years. Because of this, it will only be available for sale through our little yarn shops that carry FDC. We truly could not be the “Butterfly Brand” we have grown to become without all of you. Cheers to you, to 80 years, and 80 more to come.


Grazie Mille,

Ms. F Crosa


Tessera Borsa 80 anni

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