Sofia Sleeveless Top

The elegance of a high neckline

Sofia Sleeveless Top

The elegance of a high neckline

The elegance of a high neckline is hard to beat. Unfortunately, it is often reserved only for fall and winter clothes. Many believe this collar is too stuffy for warmer months. We know better. With light cotton yarn and an airy knit pattern, our Sofia Sleeveless Top effortless brings this style into summer!


New for Spring/Summer ’17, Dolce Amore Jeans is spun out of 100% cotton into an incredibly comfortable and versatile sport weight yarn with a soft twist. Rich color saturation available in a range of denim hues and mélange variants.


The Asymmetrical hem stretches into a tunic that hits at both the hip and upper thigh. Combined with the high neckline, this creates an elongated shape that is incredibly flattering. Taking inspiration from muscle shirts, the sleeveless shaping shows off shoulders and arms bringing an air of confidence to the wearer.


Knit into an eyelet rib stitch pattern with breathable cotton, this top is adaptable for a variety of weather conditions. That versatility makes this a stellar transitional piece into fall.


The Sofia Sleeveless Top is recommended for highly experienced knitters and is available in two sizes (S/M and L/XL).


If you like what you see, you can purchase this pattern through Ravelry, along with the rest of our Spring/Summer ’17 collection.

Patterns are available in both English and Italian.


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