A complete knitting kit

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Product type:Knitting Kit
Collection:Kit Collection
Dimensions:Length: 8in /20cm Width: 7 in/18cm Height: 5.5 in/ 14cm
Details:1 ball FILATURA DI CROSA, FLUFFY - 2 crochet horns - 1 crochet tail - 75 g of polyfill (toy stuffing) - 2 sets US 13 (9mm) Double Pointed Needles - Knitted fabric for face and body - 2 eyes

Introducing EWEgene the sheep! A complete Amigurumi knit kit including 2 sets of DPNs, yarn, knitted materials for the body, toy stuffing, eyes, ears, and the tail! Use him as a decoration, a stuffed animal, or give it as a gift. This kit is suitable for knitters of all skill levels.

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Kitknitting kit

Balls, accessories, patterns of various levels and knitting needles. Here are the ingredients of the knitting kits.