Filatura di Crosa
the origins

Filatura di Crosa is one of the historical handknitting brands of the great northern Italian wool tradition. For over 75 years the butterfly brand has been a recognized and recognizable symbol of excellence in handknitting yarn in the world.
The firm was founded in 1939 by Ettore Fileppo in Crosa, in the Biella province, an area prominent in the 19th century for the production of fine wool and of high quality yarns. Over the years it has transitioned from being a small local mill to becoming an international giant.


the growing

In the 1950's Filatura di Crosa expanded its product line into fancy yarns, utilizing luxury material such as mohair, cashmere, angora, alpaca, cotton, linen and silk. Responsible for this change of direction were the sons of the founder, Germano and Giancarlo Fileppo, who further developed creativity and yarn technology to craft the uniqueness of Filatura di Crosa handknitting products.


renewal after the fear

In 1968 the firm survived a catastrophic flood that hit the area, which seemed to have completely annihilated the network of wool manufacturing in the region. Thanks to the never relenting tenacity of the Biellese community, they were able to overcome great obstacles and to transform this natural disaster into an opportunity for renewal, with the modernization of machineries and reconstructions.

From 70's to current days
the butterfly flies over the world

From the 1970s, Filatura di Crosa's collaborations with the great Italian fashion houses brought creativity to its peak. Amongst its clients are some of the most prestigious names in the world of fashion, such as Missoni, Krizia, Coveri, Valentino and Versace.
Today Filatura di Crosa continues its tradition and adheres to producing only the finest quality yarns made with the best raw materials. Excelling in innovation, the butterfly logo has acquired a worldwide renowned reputation, that of a brand that will continue its legacy of setting industry standards and establishing new trends within the international stylist landscape.


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la lana del cigno nero

La Lana del Cigno Nero
history of the brand

La Lana del Cigno Nero was founded in 1974 with a mission to provide quality handknit yarns directly to consumers. The name "La Lana del Cigno Nero" (The Wool of the Black Swan) - conveys that sense of style, elegance and class that is synonymous with a product that is not only "made in Italy", but specifically "made in Biella", an Italian textile town known for quality and excellence. From its inception the new product range met with a wide public appreciation, especially for its innovative yarn mixtures, trendy colours and excellent quality.

La Lana del Cigno Nero offers classic and novelty yarns in weights ranging from 2 ply to super bulky. By incorporating beautiful fibers such as merino wool, alpaca and mohair into its yarn collection, Cigno Nero offers gorgeous yarns that are accessible to novice and experienced knitter alike.

In the 80's the brand created its first magazine showcasing hand knit yarns. The magazine included original trenddriven designs along with knitting instructions and suggested yarns for the knitting projects. Whether you're a novice knitter or a knitting guru, you can reach for a Cigno Nero yarn that will be perfect for your next knitting project.
Over the decades, La Lana del Cigno Nero has maintained excellent quality standards and has been at the forefront in the history of the Biella-based yarn industry. A passion for yarn innovation, creativity and an attention to market trends drives the brand towards the future.

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